Rawness of Raw

Footage for this video was gathered during many visits to Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon between July and September 2015. I explored old growth wilderness zones, proposed timber sales and freshly logged areas with my tent, pack, camera and sometimes other artists from the multimedia collaborative art/activist project Environmental Impact Statement.

The result is this video collage, tracing and overlaying inhabitants and affects of the forest: western (biblical) forest mythology, the logging industry past and present, and recorded stories of nonhuman encounters in other forests under threat from extractive industries. The complexity of the term "multi-use" as it pertains to National Forests and their management, is explored.  

The collage was influenced by the work of the watchdog environmental group BARK, through participating in their educational outreach programs about logging and its effects on public land in the PNW, specifically Mt. Hood.

An earlier version of the video was presented at Mazama's Mountaineering club in Portland on October 14th 2015 for SOUND MANAGEMENT, a multi-media presentation of work from Environmental Impact Statement artists.